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Court Docket 
The Court Docket provides information on Civil and Criminal cases. The Civil Search allows you to find information on cases pertaining to civil court matters such as divorce, domestic violence, contract litigation, foreclosures, Criminal and Civil appeals, etc. The Criminal Search allows you to find information on cases pertaining to criminal court matters such as assault, robbery, drugs, homicide, burglary, trespassing, etc. For Appeals use the Civil search. 

Deed Search 
The Recorder's office houses data on all documents filed at the office from 1810 until present day. Citizens are able to search for a document by various criteria, and then view an image of the original document. 

Dog Tag Search 
Ohio law requires every dog owner to renew their license between December 1st and January 31st of each year. No matter what your dog likes to do make sure it has a license to do it. 

Geographical Data (GIS) 
The Cuyahoga County Geographic Information Systems (CEGIS) Department manages and coordinates the use of GIS and its related technologies within Cuyahoga County. A GIS is defined as an advanced computer system capable of collecting, storing, viewing, and analyzing geographically referenced or spatial information.

Online Job Application

Pay Your Taxes
View and pay your tax bill online. 

Real Property Information 
The Real Property department maintains a complete historical record of all property transactions, maintains records of property ownership, valuation, and taxation, and collects special assessments for public improvements. 

ReadyNotify is a mass notification system used by Cuyahoga County and participating municipalities to issue emergency notifications essential to immediate public safety. It is similar to the communications systems schools use to notify parents of closures or other time-sensitive information. The system delivers messages to residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail. The system is primarily used to for emergency notifications, but you may choose to be notified of general Cuyahoga County government news as well. 

Surplus Auction - GovDeals 
GovDeals provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the Internet. 

The County Treasurer's office plays a vital role in the lives of Cuyahoga County residents. The office collects more than $2.0 billion in taxes each year. This revenue is critical to schools, libraries, parks, municipalities and to the Cuyahoga County government itself, which provides a myriad of social services to county residents. 

Vendor Registration 
Regular Vendor's Licenses are issued by the County Fiscal Officer to vendors with a fixed place of business in Ohio. Vendors must have one regular vendor's license for each sales location. 

Voter Registration Information & Vote-by-mail Application 
Cuyahoga County residents can register to vote/updated your registration ( if you move or have a name change), find their polling location, find information specific to their precinct and community, find what ID you need to take with you at the polling location or to request a vote-by-mail application.