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Contractor Exemption Listing

The Cuyahoga County Code requires that all Contractors doing more than $10,000.00 in business with the County in a calendar year must be registered with the Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General (“AIG”). If you meet certain limited criteria, you may be exempt from the registration process.

Contractors who meet one of the following County-approved exemptions are NOT required to register with the AIG:


(Last updated July 24, 2020)

1) Political subdivisions, public utilities, and other governmental entities.County Code §501.19(E)(1)No expiration
2) Persons or entities that receive either direct payments or reimbursements from the County for the emergency purchase of items required to serve basic needs, including, but not limited to, temporary foster care providers and grocery or department stores that accept vouchers for basic needs.County Code §501.19(E)(2)No expiration
3) Court reporters or expert witnesses in connection with civil litigation or criminal prosecution.County Code §501.19(E)(3)No expiration
4) Persons or entities that receive County funds through a County-sponsored rebate program, including, but not limited to, the County Storefront Renovation Rebate Program.County Code §501.19(E)(4)No expiration
5) Accrediting bodies.County Code §501.19(E)(5)No expiration
6) Legal research/publishing companies.County Code §501.19(F)No expiration
7) Contractors supplying products or services relating to purchases made pursuant to Section 501.03(A) of the County Code (“Emergency and Unforeseen Time Sensitive Mission Critical Purchases”) or Section 501.08(A) of the County Code (“County Executive Emergency Authority”).2County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
8) Employers participating in the Department of Workforce Development’s On-the-Job Training Program (“OJT Program”).County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
9) Borrowers on homeowner rehabilitation and housing development loans issued by the Department of Development.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
10) Physicians that provide medical treatment or services for the County.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
11) Professional Associations that provide memberships or certifications to County departments, officials and employees (e.g., County Commissioners Association of Ohio, accrediting bodies for Medical Examiner).County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
12) Guardian ad litem and assigned counsel providing services to Cuyahoga County Courts.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
13) Contractors pursuant to federal or state mandated compliance or collaboration regarding inspections, rights of way, rights of entry and related activities associated with railways, transportation infrastructure or public utilities.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
14) Contractors pursuant to federal or state mandated compliance regarding environmental impacts, inspection, remediation or mitigation.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023
15) Arbitrators and mediators, including but not limited to individuals who perform labor and employment dispute resolution services on behalf of the County and various unions who represent County employees, as well as individuals who are mutually selected by the parties and/or approved by a court or other alternative dispute resolution process to which the County is a party.County Code §501.19(F)June 25, 2023

1Pursuant to County Code, a "Contractor" shall mean any person or entity that is a party to an Agreement with the County, as defined in Section 102.01(A) of the Code.

2 Whenever this exemption is granted, the requesting department shall notify the Inspector General and the contractor shall complete the registration process within thirty (30) days of contracting with the County.