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Applications for Cohort 1.0 are Now Closed

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Make Cuyahoga County the Test Bed for Your Latest Innovation

The Lab @ Cuyahoga County connects local entrepreneurs and businesses with public sector partners to test new ideas, products, or services in a real-world environment for 12 to 16 weeks. Transforming Cuyahoga County into a living lab for the latest innovations, The Lab provides local entrepreneurs and businesses with the subject matter expertise, data, and customer feedback needed to make the jump from product ideation and validation to product launch.

Meeting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs Where They Are

Because entrepreneurs and businesses have different needs based on their current stage of development, The Lab offers two program tracks:

Product Ideation Track
Product Validation Track
  • Supports entrepreneurs and businesses that are in the formation stage and need additional information to develop a minimum viable product.
  • The public sector partner will provide access to subject matter experts to help answer the, what, to whom, why, and how questions that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to complete product ideation, laying the foundation for product development.
  • Full Product Ideation Track Program details
  • Supports entrepreneurs and businesses that are in the validation stage and need to test their product to validate their product before launch.
  • The public sector partner may provide access to the individuals, technology infrastructure, and facilities that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to test their product in a real-world setting, providing the feedback needed to validate or pivot a product before launch.
  • Full Product Validation Track Program details

Meet Our Partners

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Test Environments and Subject Matter Expertise

The Lab’s partner agencies have over 9,000 employees covering a wide range of areas of expertise. The list below reflects some of the test beds and subject matter expertise available. This is not an exhaustive list. Local businesses and entrepreneurs whose idea, product, or service fall outside the list below are encouraged to use the “Other” category when applying to The Lab. Program staff will review applications to identify whether the test environments and subject matter expertise exist to assist.

Test Environments

  • Administrative Services (i.e. HR, Procurement, Finance)
  • Office Environment
  • Public/Open Spaces (i.e. Buildings)
  • Parks/Trails/Nature Preserves/Zoo
  • Roadways & Bridges
  • Library Branch Locations
  • Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure
  • Construction Sites
  • Call Centers

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Regional Planning (i.e. Air Quality, Water Quality, Transportation)
  • Urban Planning
  • GIS
  • Administrative Services (i.e. HR, Procurement, Finance)
  • Social Work
  • Health & Human Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Literacy & Education

Problem Statements

Some partner agencies are also are looking for ideas/solutions for specific problems, with a focus on the following topic areas:

  • Extended Reality (XR),
  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • Alternative Tech for Animal Conservation,
  • GIS/Engineering, and
  • Machine Learning.

View full details for The Lab’s Project Problem statements.


Applications for Cohort 1.0 are now closed. If you’d like to be notified when applications open for future cohorts complete our contact form. For application criteria, legal requirements, and our current program timeline visit our application page.

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