Frequently Asked Questions

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I have questions about my application.
What are your testing procedures?
What is the hiring process?
I have questions about eligibility and benefits.


How do I submit my application? How do I apply online?
  • You can submit your application online at
  • You MUST complete your application profile with all relevant details and information about your education, experience, licensures, certifications, and other qualifications. The application reviewer will only consider your application profile when determining if you are eligible. Submission of a résumé is optional and will not be used during the initial screening. Do not skip the work history or education section on the online application or state "see resume" in these sections. An incomplete application may result in disqualification.
  • Click here to view the User Guide for help and instructions on submitting your application online.

I do not have email, a computer, and cannot access the online application. What should I do?
  • You may come to the Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters, Department of Human Resources Office, located at 2079 East 9th Street, 7-200. Please contact 443-7190 between 8:30am-4:30pm to make arrangements.
  • You can access our employer webpage and apply from any Cuyahoga County Public Library.

How do I reset my password?
I am creating a profile, but my e-mail or password is not being accepted. Why?
  • If your email is not being accepted: 
    • If you already have a profile created with an e-mail address, you cannot create a second one with that same e-mail address. Since your profile is connected to that specific e-mail, you will either need to login and change the e-mail on your existing profile to a new address. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO ONLY USE ONE PROFILE.
  • If your password is not being accepted, please be sure the password follows the guidelines: 
    • 7 characters, one lower case letter, one upper case letter, must contact at least one number and one special character !@#$%^*)(_+:;=

Why won't the postings open up?
  • Check to make sure your pop-up blocker has not restricted our site. Also check to be sure you have the latest version of Adobe installed on your computer.

I am still currently employed, so how do I show this on my application under the Experience section?
  • You can either enter the present date you are applying as the end date, or 12/31/9999. The field does not accept text.

Why did some of the text I entered in cut off on my application?
  • You exceeded the maximum number of 500 characters.

My resume would not attach. Why?
  • Make sure it is a supported file type. This issue sometime occurs if using mobile devices, such as tablets or cell phones, to apply.

I would rather just fax my resume. Can I do that instead?
  • No, you must complete the online job application.

I want to apply for several of the jobs listed. Do I need to fill out a separate application for each job classification?
  • Yes. Every application is evaluated separately based on the classification for which you are applying. It is, therefore, necessary to turn in a separate application for each job classification.

How can I be sure my on-line application was received? Did you receive my application and/or resume?
  • If you log into your profile, the position you applied for, along with the application, resume, and job posting will be listed on the main page under "List of jobs you have applied for." You will also receive a confirmation email, sent to the email address listed on your application.

I do not see the position I applied for in my profile. Why?
  • It could be several reasons. 1. The application did not go through for some reason (you should see a confirmation number on the following page immediately after submitting your application). 2. You successfully completed your profile, which is now unlocked to allow you to apply. That does not submit your application for a position. You will need to manually click on that position to submit your application. 3. You have multiple profiles registered, and it is under a different e-mail and log-in. Please note that we suggest you maintain just one profile.

How will I be contacted with information about the status of my application? What is the status of my application?
  • If you applied for a classified position, you will be contacted via email by the Personnel Review Commission (PRC) regarding your qualifications. If the position requires testing (which is noted on the job announcement), you will be contacted via e-mail about the status of the test if you meet the minimum requirements. If you have not received email correspondence about your qualifications and/or the status of a civil service test, you will need to contact the PRC. The process and other questions related to testing can be found on the PRC’s website.
  • If you are on a classified eligibility list and have been certified, you will be contacted if the hiring department is interested in an interview.
  • If the position you applied for is unclassified (which is noted on the announcement), you will be contacted if the department is interested in an interview.

I saw a posting, but the deadline has passed. Can I still apply?
  • No, as the position has closed. Check periodically online to see if it becomes available again.

What does the status Closed mean in my profile? Does it mean the position was filled?
  • Not necessarily. It means that the deadline for application has passed.

When I try to apply, I get the message "You have already applied for this position." I did not apply for it, so how can I submit my application?
  • This is a re-posting of a position that was previously online. You most likely applied for it in the past.
  • If you think this is an error, please contact us at 216-443-7190

Can you e-mail me a copy of the posting I applied for?
  • The postings are available for the positions you applied to when you log into your profile. They can be located on the main page under "List of jobs you have applied for." 

Do I need to submit anything else with my application?
  • Submitting your application is required to apply for a job, attaching a resume is encouraged. Both must be submitted on or before the filing deadline. Any other supplemental information or other materials you want to provide can be presented later in the interview process.


How will I know when you're recruiting for a specific job?
  • All current recruitments will be listed on the Job Postings page of our website.

I have submitted my application - what happens next?
  • For a competitive classified position, your submitted application is evaluated by an Employment Testing Specialist at the PRC. The evaluation is designed to assess applicants’ job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the position as stated in the recruitment announcement. After the evaluation is complete, you will receive a notice via email that you do or do not meet the minimum requirements. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be notified via email of the exam details.
  • If you applied to a noncompetitive classified position, no civil service test is required. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be placed on the eligibility list for the classification and notified via e-mail.
  • If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a classified position, you will have five (5) calendar days to request reconsideration of your application. Instructions on how to submit a request are included in your notification email and are available on the PRC’s website.
  • For unclassified positions, your submitted application is evaluated by the Department of Human Resources. The evaluation is designed to assess applicants' job-related knowledge, skills and abilities to assure that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the position as stated in the recruitment announcement. After the evaluation is complete, those being considered will be contacted by the Department of Human Resources to interview. Unclassified positions do not require a Civil Service test or eligibility list.

What is the hiring process?
  • Once a position is opened, job announcements are posted. Applications are received and evaluated. For classified positions, the PRC notifies applicants if they meet the minimum requirements, administers civil service tests for competitive classifications, and establishes eligibility lists. The PRC then certifies the highest-ranking candidates to the hiring department, and the hiring department will determine those candidates who are most qualified for its particular vacancy through any combination of the following: application review, interviews, performance test, reference check, background investigation, or other job-related assessment processes. Eligibility lists are active for up to one year or until exhausted, and the hiring department may hire from that list while it is active.

What happens if I'm selected by the hiring department?
  • Appointment to County service is contingent upon successful completion of pre-employment examinations which includes drug and alcohol screening as well as background screening. Upon successful completion, your start date will be established.


Is there a test for every job?
  • No, not all jobs require a test. Noncompetitive classified positions and unclassified positions do not require a civil service test. For competitive classified positions, the civil service test may include one or a combination of the following: rating of your education, training, and experience; written multiple-choice test; essay test; performance test; and structured interview.

How will I be contacted with information about the status of my examination?
  • The PRC will contact you about civil service testing and your eligibility status ONLY via the email address you provided on your online application profile with the County. You will be contacted via the PRC email address which is Please make sure this is a trusted sender for your email account. We do not accommodate requests or reconsiderations because an email from the PRC was filtered into a Spam/Junk folder. Contact immediately with any changes to your email address.

I placed first on the eligibility list. Am I guaranteed an interview?
  • No. The department that is hiring can choose to interview anyone certified from the eligibility list.

For More information in regards to the Civil Service Testing Frequently Asked Questions please go to:


What type of benefits does Cuyahoga County offer?
How old do I have to be to apply for a job?
  • The minimum age for applicants is 18 years old unless otherwise stated on the Recruitment Announcement.

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to be hired?
  • You have to be eligible to work in the United States.

Does the County Offer Veteran's Preference?
  • For positions that require a Civil Service Test, Yes. Candidates who pass civil service examinations and have requested military service credit will receive an additional credit of five (5) numerical points or 5% added to their scores, whichever is greater. In order to receive military service credit, you must request such credit prior to the close of the application period. Additionally, you will need to bring a copy of your DD-214 form to your test administration so we can confirm your service. Instructions for this are included in your exam announcement.

Can I transfer employment from another County?
  • In most instances, employees who have prior service with Cuyahoga County or another political subdivision of the State of Ohio will be eligible to transfer their prior service, vacation accrual rate, and unused sick time. Upon hire, prior service verification documentation is required.

How can I find out about specific requirements or salary for a specific position?
  • This information is available on our Classification/Compensation section of our web site. Additionally, if we advertise a position vacancy, the job bulletin will contain full information on the skills typically required and salary range of the position.