SkillUp Talent Services

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SkillUp is a free business advisory service offered by the Cuyahoga County Department of Economic Development that helps companies identify business problems, create solutions, and drive business results.

The service, recognized by the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program as a best practice when it comes to solving the skills gap, was launched in early 2017 to help employers produce highly skilled workers using a structured training process that aligns with business needs and industry standards.

SkillUp is helping Cuyahoga County achieve three specific goals:

  • To help employers grow and compete in a global economy
  • To help residents advance in their professional careers, increase their skill levels, and increase their wages
  • To create a workforce that is a competitive advantage for Northeast Ohio

How SkillUp Helps Employers

Many companies don’t have the time, resources, capacity, or expertise to identify and solve business problems on their own, as they are busy operating their business. SkillUp fills in the business strategy gaps by delivering six key services to drive business results:

6 Key Services to Drive Business Results

Organizational Needs Assessment
Information and Referral
Market Research
Repeatable Training Plans
Training Process Management
Employer Incentives

Contact Information

Employers interested in SkillUp should contact the SkillUp team at (216) 443-6930 or at

infographic of the skill up program