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Alzheimer’s Disease and the Minority Experience

04/05/19, 03:18 PM
April 2019 is National Minority Health Month. During this month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Minority Health seeks to raise awareness regarding the health disparities experienced by ethnic and racial minorities living in America.

Recognizing Our Service Workers in Social Work Month

03/15/19, 10:02 AM
There’s no dancing around it; working in the social services is tough. From the unpredictable hours, the even more unpredictable customers, to the emotionally intense work, it takes a special person to even consider this field.

SkillUp Supports Global Business with a Local Presence

02/28/19, 11:38 AM
When Jim and Maria Kantzios immigrated to the United States from their native Macedonia in 1951, they settled in Cleveland and opened Athens Imported Food and Deli. Selling Greek foods to the area’s growing Greek population, their business expanded when Jim—who also worked the assembly line at Ford Motor Company—developed a machine that made a perfectly thin phyllo dough. The technology he developed more than 60 years ago makes Athens Foods, headquartered in Cleveland, the largest manufacturer of phyllo dough and phyllo products in the world.

This Valentine’s Day, Consider Making Room in Your Heart for a Child in Need

02/14/19, 10:40 AM
Cuyahoga County currently has more than 2,500 children in our care—more than we’ve had in years. Most will be in our custody temporarily while their parents or guardians work to resolve issues; some need a forever family. Whether temporary or permanent, each of these 2,500 children need a safe, stable, and loving place to call home. Finding those homes requires normal, everyday people deciding to make room in their hearts for a child who needs help.

Open Table Transforms into Community of Hope: Year 3 in Cleveland

01/28/19, 04:06 PM
In 2018, the Open Table initiative in Cleveland exploded after being featured over 10 times throughout the year in and the Plain Dealer. Open Table launched in 2017 as a Cuyahoga County initiative for youth who are aging out of the foster care system.

Senior Hunger Advocacy Update

01/23/19, 11:59 AM
Seniors remain vulnerable to hunger when they cannot easily access food or have a limited income that results in eating food of poor nutritional value simply because it’s the most affordable. Sometimes referred to as “food insecurity,” an increasing number of seniors face a daily reality of impending malnutrition.

Medical Examiner Shadow Program: An Introduction into Forensic Science

01/14/19, 02:34 PM
The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office offers a unique shadowing opportunity for high school and college students who might be interested in a career in forensics. Our one-day shadowing program provides a glimpse into the various forensic disciplines that make up the Medical Examiner’s Office.

From Rocky Start to Bright Future: King’s Journey to Adoption

12/04/18, 09:32 AM
November 2018, National Adoption Month, was a great success, full of fun activities and inspiring families. More than 100 children have been adopted in Cuyahoga County this year, all with heart-touching stories. But there’s one adoption story from earlier this year that stands out.

10 Things to Do in Cuyahoga County This Winter

11/21/18, 12:37 PM
Winter in Northeast Ohio doesn’t have to be spent indoors hiding from the snow. There’s so much to do and see in your city, especially around the holidays, that not even the low temps should keep you from missing out.

Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

11/20/18, 10:30 AM
Shopping looks so easy on social media: Spot a cute item, click and order. But order from the wrong site and you can wind up getting substandard goods that are nothing like the photos—if you get the merchandise at all.

Cuyahoga County Services for Veterans

11/09/18, 05:12 PM
We owe a great debt to all our United States veterans. These brave men and women put everything on the line to serve us—when they return from duty it’s our job at Cuyahoga County to serve them.

Flu Vaccination

11/05/18, 04:17 PM
As the temperature begins to fall in Cuyahoga County, it’s a sign that cold and flu season isn’t far behind.

Protecting Our Seniors

10/11/18, 04:20 PM
When you think of abuse or neglect of our most vulnerable residents you often think of children. But there is a growing population at risk that we often overlook. They are members of our families, neighborhoods, and churches. You might see them every day at work and miss the signs.