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Natural Resources Assistance Council

Contact Information:

Mike Foley
2079 E. 9th St, Suite 5-300, Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Description of Board and Responsibilities:

Natural resources assistance councils shall review and approve or disapprove applications in accordance with sections 164.20 to 164.27 of the Revised Code for grants for projects. Natural resources assistance councils shall forward approved projects to the Ohio Public Works Commission for final approval.


The NRAC consists of eleven members, with one member being from the appointing integrating committee (DOPWIC) and one member from the soil and water conservation district located in Cuyahoga County. The other nine members are appointed from the following categories of organizations, with at least one representative from each category:

  • Group 1: County, municipal corporation, township, conservancy district, regional or joint district or unit of government, or regional or joint political subdivision located in the geographical jurisdiction of the DOPWIC. 
  • Group 2: Conservation or environmental advocacy organization, an organization with a primary interest in watershed protection and restoration, the department of natural resources, the environmental protection agency, or the U.S. natural resources conservation service. 
  • Group 3: A city park system or metropolitan park system or a board of park commissioners located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee, a statewide parks and recreation organization, or the U.S. national park service. 
  • Group 4: A statewide organization representing agriculture, an organization representing forestry interests, the department of agriculture, or the U.S. department of agriculture. 
  • Group 5: An organization representing business, local realtors, or a planning agency, including a port authority, located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee.

Enabling Legislation:

Meeting Information:

The Natural Resource Assistance Council meets two to three times a year. Please contact them for more information.


Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
Oct 14, 2024 Business/Planning
Oct 14, 2024 DOPWIC
Oct 14, 2023 Agricultural
Oct 14, 2023 Municipal
Oct 14, 2024 Soil and Water Conservation
Oct 14, 2022 Park
Oct 14, 2022 Park
Oct 14, 2024 Environmental
Oct 14, 2024 Environmental
Oct 14, 2022 Environmental
Oct 14, 2023 County Executive