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Upcoming Consultant Hires

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The consultant selection process applies for all projects within the Department of Public Works.

The first objective is to provide greater value to the citizens of Cuyahoga County in the expenditure of their tax dollars by:

  • Evaluating the credentials of two or more consultants.
  • Selecting a firm based on a proposed set of requirements.

The second objective is to allow a greater number of consulting firms to have access to County contracts by:

  • Minimizing any subjective bias
  • Basing selection solely on ability, performance, legal requirements, and value delivered.

Check out more information about our selection process in greater detail:

  • Consultant Selection Policy
  • Consultant Hiring
  • Notice to Bidders

    To receive notices of future bid opportunities, bidders must register with the County’s “BuySpeed Vendor Registration Program

    Prior to signing a contract with the County, contractors must be registered with the Cuyahoga County Inspector General. Registration information can be accessed on the Inspector General website 

    The following are the anticipated consultant services for 2019-2020:

    Q3 2019

    • $450,000: General Engineering Services for Cuyahoga County Airport (RQ46241)
    • $500,000: Denison-Harvard Bridge 04.09 Inspection, Evaluation and Load Rating (RQ46222)

    Q4 2019

    • $500,000: W. 130th Street Bridge 02.26 Engineering Design Services
    • $150,000: Environmental Consulting Services (Facilities)
    • $400,000 (x2): General Architectural-Engineering Engineering
    • $400,000: Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Architectural-Engineering Services
    • $300,000: Construction Management/Testing Services (Facilities)
    • Construction Management/Support, Inspection and Material Testing Services for Facilities (RQ46116)
    • General Environmental Consultant Services (RQ46115)

    Q1 2020

    • $400,000 (x2): General Engineering Services (Roadway & Bridge)
    • $400,000: Sheldon Road Bridge 01.61 Engineering Design Services
    • Design-Build Services for Central Booking at the Justice Center (RQ47681)


    "Consultants may contact the Department of Public Works prior to advertising. Once services have been advertised please submit questions/inquires to the Contact Person identified on the Request For Qualifications Title Page."

    All vendors currently doing or wish to do business with the County must register with the Inspector General annually on or before December 31 for the subsequent year to which they wish to engage in business. This includes all contractors and lobbyist.

    Note: Consultants may contact the Department of Public Works prior to advertising.



    All current/prospective vendors must register with the Inspector General prior to the year in which they wish to engage in business. This annual process includes all contractors and lobbyists.