Construction Updates

Lewis Road - Olmsted Township
Contractor: Specialized Construction, Inc.
(216) 271-3363
County: Joe Charf (216) 701-1262
Calvin Overmyer (216) 316-2342
Start Date: 04-01-2022
Notice To Proceed Date: 04-01-2022
Completion Date:
Scheduled Completion Date: 09-30-2022
Anticipated Completion Date: 11-30-2022
Project Amount($):
Contract Award Amount($): 1,798,459.12
Estimated Cost To Completion($): $1,798,459.12
Approved Contract Increases($):
Approved Contract Decreases($):

October 6, 2022

  • The project is currently underway and nearing completion.
  • Guardrail and pavement striping have yet to be performed, as well additional drainage work


September 9, 2022

  • The project is currently underway.
  • The road has intermediate course asphalt down and is awaiting casting adjustments, drive apron adjustments and drainage work before final surface course asphalt is placed.