New Employee Resources

Welcome New Employee to Cuyahoga County.

We are happy you have chosen us to be your employer of choice. As part of the onboarding process, we need you to complete some paperwork so that we can get you set up in our systems.


To complete your paperwork properly, please follow the steps below. It is especially important that you rename and save each document uniquely using the instructions provided. This will help Human Resources verify and identify that your employment forms have been received and are completed accurately.

  1. Select the form(s) you need to complete.
  2. Open the form, rename and save the form(s) in the following format: First Initial, last name, last 4 digits of your social security number, and the Form's Name.
    (Examples: JDoe1234-W4.pdf,JDoe1234-OPERS.pdf, JDoe1234-IT4.pdf, JDoe1234-dresspolicy.pdf)
  3. All forms require a signature. For the majority of the forms an Electronic signature is acceptable. If an electronic signature is not allowed, you should still complete the form and email it to us. On your first day of employment, we will obtain your original signature for the form.
  4. Once all forms have been completed, please attach/upload all the forms to your email and send them to and copy your Talent Acquisition & Employment Specialist on the e-mail. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know the forms have been received. If you have any questions, please send an email to and one of our representatives will contact you.

Again, welcome aboard and thank you for completing the New Employee Paperwork and Benefits Information.

Please remember to bring identification verification with you on your first day of work. This includes a Passport, Government Issued ID, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate.


Benefits Information - Required Paperwork


To ensure timely enrollment in benefits, the Benefits Enrollment Form must be submitted during your Onboarding Process or New Employee Orientation. If you do not submit the form during the Onboarding Process or New Employee Orientation, your benefit elections must be submitted to the Cuyahoga County Human Resources Department within 30 consecutive days from your hire date.

Cuyahoga County's Benefits & Wellness Website

Alex Benefits Counselor

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Employee Benefit Rates

Benefits Enrollment Form

Required Documentation for Adding a Dependent

Default Benefits

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form


Additional forms are required if you will be working in the Fiscal Office, Treasury, Health & Human Services departments, Medical Examiner's Office, or Sheriff's Department. Please fill out the forms listed below for your department.



Sheriff's Department

Badge Vitals for Deputy ID's

Medical Examiner

Hepatitis B Form