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Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Seeks Public's Help Identifying Male Found in Lake Erie

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CLEVELAND – The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office is seeking help from the public and media in identifying an adult white male who was found in Lake Erie on May 23, 2014.

All attempts at identification, thus far, have been unsuccessful. The Cuyahoga County Regional Forensic Science Laboratory has been able to develop a DNA profile of the decedent, but without a sample from the individual prior to death or family members, it cannot be used for comparison for identification.

The state of the decedent's body suggests he has been in the water several months, prior to recovery, likely since early last winter or earlier. Examination of the body revealed a past fracture of the nose and left cheek, with likely visible deviation of the nose as the attached image shows. The decedent had no teeth at the time of death and may have worn dentures. No scars or tattoos were visible where the skin was intact (but may have been lost from areas where the skin was damaged and not viewable). The presence of work shoes raises the possibility that the decedent went missing while working on or near Lake Erie.

  • Location:
    In Lake Erie, near the break wall by Burke Lakefront Airport.
  • Description:
    White Male
  • Estimated age:
    Between the ages of 45 to 58
  • Height:
    Between 5'3" – 5'11"
  • Clothing:
    Blue jeans size 36W x 32L, "Wrangler" brand
    Black steel toe boots size 7.5, "Brahma" brand