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How Impostor Scams Work

07/19/18, 11:05 AM
For scammers, posing as someone else and weaving a believable story is business as usual. It’s only the victims who get caught off guard by a bogus crisis that only a quick payment can fix.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

06/08/18, 11:04 AM
While people often think of children and victims of domestic abuse first when they think about abuse, neglect and exploitation, these problems also effect older adults and adults with disabilities.

Here’s Cuyahoga County: A Manual on Understanding Our Government

05/22/18, 01:38 PM
Do you know the role of the Inspector General? Do you understand how the bed tax works? Did you know Cuyahoga County only has two townships and 59 municipalities (although throughout the state of Ohio there are more townships than municipalities)?