Cuyahoga County News Now

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Flu Vaccination

11/05/18, 04:17 PM
As the temperature begins to fall in Cuyahoga County, it’s a sign that cold and flu season isn’t far behind.

Protecting Our Seniors

10/11/18, 04:20 PM
When you think of abuse or neglect of our most vulnerable residents you often think of children. But there is a growing population at risk that we often overlook. They are members of our families, neighborhoods, and churches. You might see them every day at work and miss the signs.

Safe Sleep Awareness and Training Is Saving Babies in Cuyahoga County

08/30/18, 03:21 PM
First Year Cleveland is helping to tackle the challenge of high infant mortality rates (IMR) in Cuyahoga County. Created in late 2015 with financial support from Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland as well as other organizations, First Year Cleveland's mission is to mobilize the community through partnerships and a unified strategy to reduce infant deaths.

County Workforce Collaboration Benefits Local Business, Creates Opportunities for Residents

08/09/18, 03:02 PM
Cuyahoga County continues to streamline its process to support local businesses and to provide residents with career paths. One recent example is the work that Cuyahoga County’s innovative new workforce training program, SkillUp, and the County’s youth internship program did to support Motorcars Honda. Through a coordinated effort, the County helped Motorcars meet a talent supply need and created career and wage advancement opportunities for internship program participants.