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From Rocky Start to Bright Future: King’s Journey to Adoption

12/04/18, 09:32 AM
November 2018, National Adoption Month, was a great success, full of fun activities and inspiring families. More than 100 children have been adopted in Cuyahoga County this year, all with heart-touching stories. But there’s one adoption story from earlier this year that stands out.

10 Things to Do in Cuyahoga County This Winter

11/21/18, 12:37 PM
Winter in Northeast Ohio doesn’t have to be spent indoors hiding from the snow. There’s so much to do and see in your city, especially around the holidays, that not even the low temps should keep you from missing out.

Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

11/20/18, 10:30 AM
Shopping looks so easy on social media: Spot a cute item, click and order. But order from the wrong site and you can wind up getting substandard goods that are nothing like the photos—if you get the merchandise at all.

Cuyahoga County Services for Veterans

11/09/18, 05:12 PM
We owe a great debt to all our United States veterans. These brave men and women put everything on the line to serve us—when they return from duty it’s our job at Cuyahoga County to serve them.