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“Be Care Curious”

11/15/19, 03:28 PM
Are you a family member caring for an older adult? Caring for our families is one of the most important jobs we will ever do. Oftentimes, caregivers may feel isolated or unsure of what to do to better care for their loved one.

The Cuyahoga County Division of Senior and Adult Services is Committed to Keeping Seniors Safe

10/29/19, 11:30 AM
Keeping seniors safe is crucial to the mission of the Division of Senior and Adult Services. In fact, we are the only agency that provides Adult Protective Services in Cuyahoga County. We investigate allegations of abuse, neglect, self-neglect and exploitation and take protective measures for adults age 60 and older when they are facing a threat to their safety.

UPK's "Two-Gen" Approach Makes Preschool a Family Affair

09/09/19, 04:04 PM
We know that the child who arrives at the doors of high-quality pre-kindergarten sites is part of a larger family. Understanding a family’s situation and how we can support the whole family is part of our “two-generation” approach.

Dads Matter 2 Works to Change Attitudes Around Fathers

08/12/19, 01:17 PM
The Healthy Fathering Collaborative of Greater Cleveland, a group of representatives of area agencies that offer programs and services specifically focused on fathers, held their bi-monthly meeting August 1, at the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS,) an active partner organization.

The 2020 Census: Dispelling Myths

08/08/19, 10:40 AM
You might have seen information in the news lately about the 2020 Census. While April 1, 2020 is still quite a few months away, preparations for each decennial census take years. That’s because it’s so important for everyone to be counted. But there are some common myths that can make it hard to get everyone counted.

Local Chapter of Camp HOPE America Lets Kids Be Kids

08/06/19, 03:38 PM
Some of our fondest memories come from time spent at summer camp. The warm weather brought kayaking, swimming in the lake and s’mores over a campfire with new friends and happy company.

Innovation Academy Strives to Improve County Programs and Services

07/17/19, 01:16 PM
On July 1, 2019, Cuyahoga County kicked off Innovation Academy Training with the first Yellow Belt Course. The Cuyahoga County Innovation Academy (CCIA) uses Lean Six Sigma and Project Management methodologies to equip and enhance employees with the skills to improve programs and find efficiencies across the County.

Scam Alert: Kidnapping Scams

06/27/19, 11:07 AM
Kidnapping scams have been around for years, but they’re relatively infrequent. What’s become increasingly common, though are reports of scammers using technology to generate sounds in an attempt to make calls seem more believable.