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Charter Review Commission (2017)

Contact Information:

Michele Pomerantz
2079 E. 9th St, Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The Cuyahoga County Charter Review Commission is established pursuant to Article XII, Section 12.09 of the Cuyahoga County Charter. The nine members of this Commission shall be nominated by the County Executive with the confirmation of the County Council. As the entity responsible for reviewing Cuyahoga County's Charter, this nine-member body shall consider any necessary changes to the Charter that will facilitate a more effective and efficient government and delivery of services. The appointed members of the Charter Review Commission are specifically required to consider Charter changes to address the needs of the County's Public Defender Office including its operations and the method for selection of the County's Public Defender. The Charter Review Commission shall review all sections of the Charter and shall propose any amendments to the Charter to that the Commission deems appropriate.


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Pursuant to the provisions of the County Charter, all Commission members shall be Cuyahoga County electors. The nine members of this Commission serve one year terms and shall serve without compensation. No more than two Commission members may be officers or employees of Cuyahoga County and no more than five of the Commission members may belong to the same political party. The Charter mandates that the first Charter Commission be appointed in September of 2012 and the final report containing any proposed charter amendments and a summary of the Commission's activities was issued to the County Council for consideration before July 1, 2013. The County Council established rules and procedures for the operation of the Charter Review Commission and the County Executive shall provide the necessary staff services to efficiently operate. The last Charter Review Commission met in 2017.


Charter Review Commission Bylaws

Enabling Legislation:

Meeting Information:

The next Commission shall be appointed before the first of June, 2027. A full meeting schedule will be determined when the Commission is appointed.

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Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive
Aug 31, 2018 County Executive

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