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Who You Gonna Call? Scam Squad!

People of all ages get scammed, but scams can be particularly tough on Older Americans.

Seniors often are on fixed incomes, so it’s harder for them to recover from a financial loss. They sometimes are afraid to tell anyone, fearing scammers’ threats or the family’s reaction. Or if they do tell someone, their complaint may not make it to the enforcement agency best suited to investigate.

Is your city ‘ReadyCertified’?

ReadyCertify is a voluntary standards-based emergency management accreditation program that allows both municipalities and organizations to examine and improve their emergency management programs and capabilities.

FAQs about the Equifax Security Breach

If you’ve hesitated to find out whether you’re impacted by the Equifax security breach, the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs understands.

Library Partnership Increases Resident Access to Resources

An innovative partnership between Cuyahoga County, the Cuyahoga County Public Library, and the Cleveland Public Library ensures that county residents can conveniently access benefits resources while connecting with education and workforce development programs at the library.

Honoring Women in Business

American Business Women’s Day is a time to honor the accomplishments and contributions of millions of women in the U.S. workforce and recognize the significant impact women owned businesses have made throughout our region and the country.

County SkillUp Initiative Receiving National Recognition

Early results indicate that Cuyahoga County’s new talent development service SkillUp is benefitting all stakeholders involved, including residents, businesses, and the county.

Senior Centers: Masters of Aging

September is National Senior Center Month. Sponsored by the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), Senior Center Month provides 30 full days for our local centers to highlight their great work, and their senior center members. This year, the Division of Senior and Adult Services joins NISC in celebrating Senior Center Month, by highlighting the national theme: Senior Centers: Masters of Aging.

Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead, But YOU Can

September is National Preparedness Month (#NatlPrep) and this year’s theme is Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

It’s important to focus on planning for a disaster because it’s something everyone can do – even if you don’t realize it.

UHBikes One-Year Anniversary

UHBikes, Cuyahoga County’s bikeshare program, is turning one!

In July 2016, 10 stations in downtown Cleveland were deployed for a pre-launch prior to the Republican National Convention.

"Back to School" Includes Preschool too!

While it’s “Back to School” time for a lot of kids, it’s “Off to School” for the youngest new students who will be going for the very first time. 

Attention Students & Young Adults: Don’t Fall for These Scams

College-age consumers – many of whom are wrestling with jobs and finances for the first time – can be particularly vulnerable to scams.

Lunch, Community, and Finding ‘Common Ground’

The Cleveland Foundation, in collaboration with several community partners such as Cuyahoga County, is hosting FREE lunch discussions throughout Cuyahoga County. Before we dive into the lunch portion, let’s talk about the most important part – The conversation.

Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County

Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County’s Facebook Page was launched in January of 2016 Since its launch, more than 4,600 people have opted in to follow our Crime Stoppers Facebook page. These follows can lead to increased exposure, which in turn increases leads from potential tipsters.

Do you need help crossing the finish line?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But the truth of the matter is many children in Cuyahoga County do need you to help them to cross the finish line! 

ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County Leads Crisis Intervention Team Training Efforts

Since 2005, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County has provided Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to law enforcement agencies across Cuyahoga County.  This forty-hour training provides law enforcement officers, and other members of the public safety community, with training on de-escalating crises.

It’s Gas Pump Season

You may see the county’s Weights and Measures inspectors at service stations when you gas up this summer. We’re there to make sure you get what you pay for at the pump.

Hot in the Summer at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter

As the summer heat gets underway, the event calendar at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS) gets hot too!  Whether it’s promoting dogs and cats for adoption, raising funds for the Dick Goddard Best Friends Medical Relief Fund or hanging out at local events around the county, there is something for everyone to do.

Sheriff’s Department Concludes 2nd Annual Citizens Academy

On Wednesday May 24th, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department congratulated its newest graduating class from the 2nd annual Sheriff’s Department Citizens Academy.

Cuyahoga County Wins Big at the ADAMHS Board Awards

The mood in Landerhaven was warm and bittersweet, as hundreds of people representing several community partners and organizations, gathered to bid farewell to ADAMHS Board CEO, William Denihan. On Monday, May 15th, Chief Denihan addressed the crowd with stories and inspiration at the ADAMHS Board’s Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation, his last before he retires on August 1st.

Keeping Babies Safe While Treating Moms with Addiction

As Cuyahoga County and much of the nation tackles the opiate epidemic and the impact on families, the Division of Children and Family Services is drawing on the lessons learned from previous drug crisis to help addicted mothers recover while keeping babies and children safe.

Establishing Parenting Time Orders for Children

Ever since its beginning, Child Support has worked towards what is in the best interest of the child.  As we’ve moved from a welfare-recovery program to a “Family-Centered Child Support” program , our core business has stayed the same—locating parents and assets; establishing legal parenthood and support orders; collecting child support payments; and providing case management services. 

DSAS social worker wins Ohio Adult Protective Services Worker of the Year

March is National Social Work Month and we have a lot to celebrate in Cuyahoga County. As part of our mission to help our residents thrive at every age and stage of life, the Department of Health and Human Services employees approximately 2300 people. They include licensed social workers, child protection specialists, adult protection workers, adoption coordinators, eligibility specialists, case workers, counselors and more.

Demolition Program is Planting Seeds for Hope and Growth in County Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that the recession caused an economic decline in communities across the country, including Cuyahoga County. Jobs were lost and the population decreased. If that wasn’t bad enough, the housing market crashed due to factors such as predatory lending. As a result, Cuyahoga County was left with an oversupply of housing that did not meet the needs of their current and future households. This lead to foreclosed, vacant, and blighted structures, posing safety concerns and depressing home values in many parts of the county.

National Consumer Protection Week – Expert Advice on Your Schedule

“Normal business hours” don’t work for everybody. We know some consumers have trouble finding time during the day to call consumer advice lines.

So during National Consumer Protection Week (March 5-11), Cleveland-area consumer agencies are participating in evening and weekend events designed to get you expert advice --  on your schedule.

We are What We Repeatedly Do

In 2013, Cuyahoga County commissioned a Disparity Study and Procedure Report which examined county buying practices, policies and bonding requirements. In 2014, results of the study found that between 2009 and 2012, minorities received $9.3 million of Cuyahoga County combined subcontracting and prime contracting awards, a value equal to 1.4 percent of all awards made by the county.

Partnering for Family Success

The vision of a family may seem impossible for those families separated due to homelessness and/or foster care. Many social, economic, and personal factors can lead to families becoming homeless. Substance abuse, domestic violence, untreated mental health are some of the factors that lead to unsafe family situations and result in children needing to come into foster care.

New Year, New Look: Weights and Measures

As you’re shopping for groceries or buying gas, look for the county’s new 2017 Weights and Measures seals on deli scales and gas pumps.

A current Weights and Measures seal shows you’re getting what you pay for.

Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Jingle jangle, woof woof, Ho Ho Ho…Santa Paws has once again visited the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS). The annual Santa Paws event pulled into the shelter and left everyone quite merry. Each year the shelter holds the holiday bonanza with photo stations, raffle baskets and of course cookies! The event is a fundraiser to benefit the extensive medical needs for the lost and stray dogs that come to call CCAS their temporary home. 

Open Table Opens Hearts

In January of 2014, I heard Jon Katov, Co-founder of a national mentoring program called The Open Table speak at Grumpy’s restaurant in Tremont. He was speaking to a room of social workers about how being in a relationship with a homeless veteran transformed his life. He talked about how wanting to help this man, changed him, changed his friends, changed his church, and changed his community.

Senior Center Innovation Takes Center Stage

Here at the county, we know that people today are living 30 to 40 years past the age of 50. This growing senior population is experiencing a major shift and how they age successfully. Baby Boomers are demanding senior center programming that is targeted to their unique needs and encompass the “whole person”. They want to engage in programs that incorporate continuing education and learning, health and wellness options, classes in the latest technology, as well as civic and community engagement options.

Top 10 Cuyahoga County Winter Preparedness Tips

Winter is around the corner, and Cuyahoga County’s Office of Emergency Management wants to make sure you’re prepared. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for the upcoming season:

Just the Beginning of My Chapter - How Adoption Changed My Life

At the early age of six, I was separated from my siblings and entered the foster care system due to drug use, sexual abuse and neglect. All I could ever dream and think of is I didn’t want to live my life the way I saw my whole family live –in an all-around dysfunctional household.

Fentanyl in Cuyahoga County

Over the past two decades that I have worked in the Toxicology Department of the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office, I have seen the drug trends of the county residents come and go.  The most detrimental and deadly trend has been the crossover from heroin to fentanyl use. 

Lime Green Jackets, Fried Green Tomatoes and the Sweet Taste of Hope

Without question, going to prison is a life changing event. The disruptive effects go far beyond the people being sent away. Their absence affects families, friends, employers, and ultimately, the community as a whole.

It is possible for that life change to lead to positive results. The Cuyahoga County Office of Reentry is dedicated to contributing to positive changes in the lives of returning citizens so that we may all thrive, together.

Together, we go solar!

Want to go solar but unsure where to start? Don’t worry because Cuyahoga County residents are going solar together!  Through the Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op residents have joined together to use the strength of their numbers to purchase solar panels at a discount. 

Healing and Hope: What Domestic Violence Survivors Need to Know

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Community groups across our region encourage us to take a stand against intimate partner violence and to show our support by wearing purple ribbons throughout the month. Even the Terminal Tower is lit with bright purple lights periodically throughout October to encourage a greater civic conversation about domestic violence.  Cuyahoga County proudly joins this campaign and pledges its support for all victims of domestic violence. 

Finding new ways to stop scams

One of the biggest obstacles the Department of Consumer Affairs faces in preventing scams is human nature. Scam victims often tell us that the calls they got were so real, and so worrying, they ignored a nagging feeling something was amiss. It was only AFTER they paid money that they clearly saw all the red flags and realized they’d been scammed.

Protecting Yourself and Your Community

Empowerment through education.

These three words sum up the purpose of the community outreach programs the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department has to offer.

As 2016 comes to a close, there still is time for you to get involved in one of our most popular community programs – Strategies Against Violent Encounters (S.A.V.E.)

Triage Team: Working Together to Keep Kids Out of Foster Care

The Division of Children and Family Services is dedicated to assuring that children at risk of abuse and neglect are protected and nurtured within a family and with the support of the community.  Annually we have approximately 1700 children in temporary or permanent custody.  But not all of them are due to abuse or neglect. In any given year up to 300 children are in our care because the child’s needs require critical treatment or intervention their parents cannot provide.

New Bike Share Program
Rolls Out

Since the RNC, you have probably been wondering what is going on with the big, green bikes that are scattered throughout Cleveland. Those bikes are leaving but don’t fret, they have been replaced by the new, shiny red UHBikes!
After years of collaboration, and planning Cleveland’s formal bike share program UHBikes, sponsored by University Hospitals, launched with 250 bikes at 30 stations.

New Open Data Initiative Supports Ongoing

Here at Cuyahoga County we are always looking at how we can improve the impact of our programs, while at the same time being mindful of the fact that we are stewards of your tax dollars.

Effectively gathering and then using program data is a principal piece of these efforts. After all, if we don’t track it how can we improve upon it?

Fairness and Equity Means Getting Everyone’s Vote to Count

I’m not sure when they started giving out “I Voted Today” stickers, but my consecutive general election streak will be hitting number 42 on November 8. That’s a number that might impress my 18 year old son who will cast his first vote in a general election this fall, but no doubt it pales in comparison to many of my fellow Cuyahoga County citizens. This will now be the 11th Presidential election in which I have cast a ballot. Over the years I’ve pulled mechanical levers, punched out chads, and filled in dots. I’ve pulled back curtains, voted absentee, and voted early.

Transforming Customer Experience

If you want to improve government services you have to tackle complex issues. Sometimes even something as seemingly simple as a long line can be a challenge to overcome.

As leaders in county government we have made a promise to ourselves and to the residents of the county that we want to improve government services. We want to make them faster, more accessible, better.


Cuyahoga County is Doing its Part to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Ohio is a state still largely reliant on carbon intensive forms of electricity generation to power our lights and computers and machines. Over 80% of our state’s electricity generation comes from fossil fuels with just over 60% coming from coal, which is the worst fuel source for Co2 purposes you can think of.

Maintaining Progress for UPK Success

It’s no secret that I believe high-quality childhood education is key to Cuyahoga County’s success. As we look ahead to shaping a better future for all of our residents and creating opportunities so that we can all thrive; we have to start with our youngest.

Introducing Cuyahoga County’s Blog

By: Armond Budish, County Executive


We are excited to launch this blog for YOU – Our residents, businesses, partners, visitors and so many others who are making Cuyahoga County a great place to live, work and play.

Here you will find updates on what we are doing and conversations about ideas that excite us. We will share our plans for the future of our county, and Look forward to your ideas, feedback and suggestions.

Protecting the right to free speech during the RNC

By: Bob Triozzi, Director of the Department of Law

The Republican National Convention held here last week was the perfect opportunity for our Cleveland community to express its true identity to a national and global audience. By all accounts, we nailed it. As County Executive Budish said, “visitors and viewers from around the world saw first-hand what a great place this is to live, work, and play.” Our identity as a vibrant, thriving, and beautiful city and region was clearly enhanced over the several days of the convention.

The Skimmer Scam Hits Cuyahoga County

It’s not easy to spot a credit card skimmer.

ID thieves plant these illegal devices on point-of-sale registers to skim off your information when you swipe your bank or credit card. By design, skimmers are camouflaged or hidden.